Top-10 Best Female Boxers Of All-Time

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Have you ever pondered which women in history have been the best boxers?

Most of the time, boxing is seen as a highly male-dominated sport.

Women have, nevertheless, demonstrated strength and adaptability in the sport over the years.

Elizabeth Wilkinson, the first female boxer in history, created a legacy and a platform for later female boxers.

She competed during a time when brutality, rage, retaliation, and agitation were commonplace in the sport and strangely biased against men.

Today’s female boxers have embraced the sport and immortalized their names through a variety of amazing achievements and successes.

The top ten female boxers in history, in our opinion, are the women we profile in this article.

The ranking is based on an in-depth analysis of each person’s boxing career accomplishments, records, and impact on the sport.

10. Mia St. John

You’ll have the wrong impression about St. John with only one glance at her.

Her amazing appearance can persuade you to believe that she is merely a model.

Beyond the attractiveness, though, is a professional puncher who might catapult one into stardom with just one blow.

In 1997, American professional boxer Angelica Villian served as the opponent for her professional debut.

Because she eliminated Angelica Villian 54 seconds into the first round of their fight, Mia St. John acquired the moniker “The Knockout.”

The former super welterweight World Boxing Council (WBC) champion competed in 65 fights in total, winning 49 of them, including 19 knockouts.

She is a truly outstanding boxer who the sport will never forget.

9. Natascha Ragosina

Ragosina, a Russian boxer who has never lost, is one of the sport’s most spectacular competitors.

Ragosina won 13 of her 22 matches by knockout, recording zero losses over the course of her career.

She is the competitor who has most recently held the WBA and WBC female super middleweight titles.

Despite being 65 pounds lighter than the then-heavyweight world champion Pamela London, Ragosina battled above her weight class against London in December 2009.

But she pulled off an unexpected victory, knocking out London to claim the WBF heavyweight championship.

All significant female super middleweight championships as well as two heavyweight belts were won by Ragosina.


8. Giselle Salandy

Due to her undefeated run, Salandy was the greatest light middleweight boxer in history.

At the early age of 13, she made her professional boxing debut. At the age of 14, after defeating Paola Rojas to win the WIBA Ibero Title, she became the youngest boxing champion.

However, the rule prohibiting boxing by those under the age of 18 caused her career to temporarily halt.

She returned to the ring and successfully defended her championship when she was 17 years, 5 days old.

Salandy went on to break a second record by becoming the youngest woman to win the NABC World Title.

In a single battle in 2008, she became the first boxer to capture eight title titles.

She faced Yvonne Reis the following year to defend all six of her titles.

Giselle received several honors, including a national award from the president of Trinidad & Tobago.

Sadly, Salandy’s illustrious career was abruptly ended by death.

In 2009, she was engaged in an auto accident that resulted in her death.

She was inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016 for her boxing accomplishments.

Her boxing career is an encapsulation of excellence.

Salandy is undoubtedly one of the all-time great female boxers.

7. Holly Holm

Another well-known female boxer with a long history of success is Holm.

Even just hearing her name makes opponents fearful.

Throughout her career, Holm held the Light Welterweight, Welterweight, and Light Middleweight titles, which she successfully defended in 18 different contests.

She competed in 38 fights in total, winning 33 of them, 9 of them by knockout.

She was named Female Fighter of the Year by Ring Magazine twice.

She was named the top female fighter of all time by BoxRec.

6. Christy Martin

Martin, also known as the “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” is recognized as one of the pioneering female boxers who helped break through the stereotypes surrounding women who participate in physically demanding sports.

Martin only succeeded in winning one title throughout her career, the WBC super-middleweight crown, after two failed tries.

No female boxer has more of an impact on women’s boxing than Martin, in our opinion.

Martin was inducted into the boxing Hall of Fame in 2016 in honor of her outstanding achievements in the sport.

5. Ann Wolfe

The renowned Ann Wolfe’s punches are the most painful among female boxers.

Wolfe, one of the toughest female boxers the sport has ever seen, won three world championships, not only in one weight class but in three distinct weight classes because to her unique boxing techniques.

That speaks volumes about her boxing incredibility.

Wolfe, who now works as a trainer, never shies away from the allure of Fame.

She featured in the 2017 blockbuster, Wonder Woman, portraying the role of Artemis, the Amazon woman.

4. Regina Halmich

One of the best female boxers in the world, Halmich helped female boxing gain popularity throughout Europe.

She originally made waves in the boxing world when she defeated Klee in her professional debut in Germany back in 1994.

She began her illustrious boxing career at that point.

She became the WIBF Light Flyweight, Flyweight, and Super Flyweight world champion in the ensuing years.

She competed in 56 professional fights in total, winning 54 of them.

She won the majority of her battles by a unanimous vote.

Halmich is one of the most accomplished female boxers in the world today.

3. Laila Ali

Laila carried on her late father’s legacy while also making her own name and mark on the world.

She is one of the legendary Muhammad Ali’s nine offspring, and she is the eighth.

She started boxing professionally in 1999, and her father’s reputation gave her the chance to prove her value in the ring.

At her debut bout, which she won, hundreds of sports journalists and notable people were present.

Ali was crowned the WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA super middleweight champion in addition to the IWBF light heavyweight title.

From 1999 through 2007, Laila Ali participated. She won all 24 of her professional fights, including 21 knockouts.

2. Cecilia Braekhus

The longest-reigning female boxing champion, Cecilia, ever engaged in 36 matches, winning every one of them.

Her record of success was tainted by a defeat to American Jessica McCaskill in her 37th match.

She is still one of the best female boxers the world has ever seen, though.

Since winning the welterweight championship in 2014, Braekhus has successfully defended it.

She became the first female boxer to simultaneously win all four titles when she won the WBC, IBF, WBO, and WBA.

She expanded her collection in 2016 by adding the IBO title, making history as the first boxer to simultaneously hold five world championships.

1. Lucia Rijker

Rijker had a solid kickboxing reputation before switching to the professional ranks, and he had won several championships there.

She naturally applied the same zeal and agility to boxing.

Her bouts were violent, and her fists were very menacing.

Due to her aggressive fighting technique, Rijker was given the moniker “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World.”

She captured the WIBF and WIBO junior welterweight world championships.

Rijker should be at the top of the list of the greatest female boxers of all time because she remained unbeaten throughout her kickboxing and boxing careers.

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