FIFA World Cup 2022: France vs Morocco semi final predictions

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FIFA World Cup 2022: France vs Morocco semi final predictions

The two-time champion and defending champion France will face Morocco on the second day of the World Cup 2022 semifinals.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) robot, Kashef, has examined more than 200 variables from games played over the previous century, including the number of victories, goals scored, and FIFA rankings, to determine who will win on Wednesday.

Morocco is now unbeaten in this competition and has shocked the footballing world by defeating Belgium, Spain, and Portugal three times.

Every time, Kashef was left speechless. Only two victories separate the sole Arab and African team from winning the World Cup.

This is Kashef’s forecast:

Who: Morocco vs. France

Occupying Al Bayt Stadium

Kashef has once again determined that Morocco faces an uphill battle after weighing all the chances. France has a high chance of winning, according to Kashef, who gives them a 68 percent chance to terminate Morocco’s incredible World Cup journey.

The Atlas Lions still have a one in three chance of winning the World Cup after all of this. Should they defeat Argentina at Lusail Stadium on December 18, manager Walid Regragui’s team has a 31% probability of winning the trophy.

Who will prevail in the World Cup?

Kashef has played 61 matches and a 67 percent accuracy rate. Kashef repeats the forecasts based on the day’s outcomes every night at 0:00 GMT.

Kashef’s odds of Argentina winning their third World Cup title climbed by a few percentage points to 52 percent following Tuesday’s 3-0 victory over Croatia.

Everyone is still in the game. The result of France’s emphatic victory over Morocco might be just enough to tip the scales in their favor.

It’s difficult to predict a game’s outcome. The outcome of the game can be greatly influenced by outside variables like player fitness or team morale.

Play our AI game here to see if you can outwit Kashef and correctly guess today’s winners.

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