Best Premier League Players Of 2022-23

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Let’s look at who stood out in the first “half” of the season as we wait for the Premier League to resume on December 26. Few people would have expected Newcastle would finish in the top four, and even fewer would have imagined Arsenal would be in first place, ahead of Manchester City.

These two Premier League agencies of turmoil are home to half of the players on this list. The top 10 players thus far this season are shown below.

Best Premier League Players
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5) Harry Kane

Harry Kane’s form would be amazing in any other season; his best Premier League season start is 12 goals in 15 games. Erling Haaland has raised the bar to the point that Harry Kane, who is on pace to score 30 Premier League goals this season (a number accomplished just 10 times in 30 years), isn’t holding the music while Haaland bows his violin until it smokes, but rather isn’t playing second fiddle at all.

Do not, however, request that he take two penalties in one game.

4) Miguel Almiron

Almiron is not the only member of the Newcastle team who benefits from effective management and coaching; yet, he is the most blatant example. Almiron’s possession of the ball now causes terror among other teams, when before they could relax because even if he beat one or two men, his efforts would eventually be for nothing.

This season, he has scored some stunning goals, and it’s difficult not to cheer for someone who is so obviously loving his football after being the brunt of a joke that has since turned out to be considerably funnier when it has come back to bite the mocker..

3) William Saliba

No other summer signing has had a more significant impact on a Premier League side this year than the Norseman with the golden hair.

Saliba possesses the qualities that have always been essential for a good center-back—he is large, strong, quick, and can jump—along with the talent and composure with the ball that are typically found in more modern Premier League defenders like Thiago Silva and Virgil van Dijk.

He also possesses the youthful swagger that, although occasionally putting him in hot water, far more frequently enables us to swoon or curse at a centre-back acting out of character, depending on your loyalty or level of jealousy.

2) Kevin De Bruyne

You heard it here, I don’t know, sixth, that the greatest midfielder in Premier League history? The brilliance that is important is not the flashy brilliance that many people have displayed. With either foot, he has the ability to shoot and score from wherever. Both with the ball and without it, he rushes past opponents. His incredible vision and passing, though, are what truly stand out. He has such sharp vision that he can spot openings and free teammates from the stands or our television screens before we even have an opportunity to alert them, and often even before they are aware that there are options for him.

He has given Haaland five assists so far this year, and as an offensive duo, they are exceptional.

1) Erling Haaland

The statistics speak for themselves, which can be demoralizing. Where is the elusive quality? Does his exemplary performance reduce the possibility of joy? Could we disassemble the apparatus and see his artistry beneath some fallibility?

He probably doesn’t care if his entry into the Premier League has sparked a wave of football existentialism among the populace, and that’s fine enough. He enjoys winning and scoring goals, and he will continue to do both at Manchester City.

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