Best NHL Goalies Player In The World

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Throughout the history of the league, there have been a number of superb goalies, but only a select few can be considered among the greatest NHL goalies of all time. Although stopping the world’s top objective scorers is a difficult task, the best NHL goaltenders have occasionally succeeded in doing so.

Best NHL Goalies Of All-Time :

Being a goaltender in hockey is the most difficult work. When they do well, nothing is said about them, but if they perform poorly, blame is directed in their direction. Every game in the NHL, goalies compete for their position since a bad stretch can call for a very strong reinforcement job.

5. Ken Dryden :

Ken Dryden just spent eight seasons in the NHL, yet he is already regarded as one of the greatest goalies in NHL history. He completed his life with a record of 258 victories, 57 losses, and 74 ties. He had a great career with the Montreal Canadiens. With Dryden, Montreal advanced to the postseason each of the first eight seasons. His 80 playoff victories rank eighth in league history. From 1976 to 1979, Dryden won the Stanley Cup four times in a row.

4. Jacques Plante :

Jacques Plante spent 18 seasons in the NHL, playing for five different teams. The Montreal Canadiens were a part of those eleven seasons. With seven Vezina Awards, Plante owns the record for most of them. With the Canadiens he won six of them, and the St. Louis Blues one. Plante has won the Stanley Cup six times, all while playing for Montreal.

3. Patrick Roy :

Patrick Roy, one of the most incredible NHL goalies of all time, comes very close to breaking just about every goaltending record there is. In terms of victories, playoff shutouts, and total games played, Roy is second all-time. With 151 victories, he is also the most dominant postseason goaltender in NHL history.

2. Martin Brodeur :

Martin Brodeur is one of the greatest and most illustrious NHL goalies of all time and the most dominant goalie in NHL history. Over the course of 22 seasons, Brodeur played a record 1266 games in the NHL. With the New Jersey Fallen angels, he participated in all seven games. Brodeur has a career record of 691 wins, 397 losses, 105 ties, and 49 losses in overtime. He ranks second in postseason dominance and matches played and has the most shutouts of all time.

1. Dominik Hasek :

Dominik Hasek, who was selected 199th overall in the 1983 NHL draft, went on to become one of the league’s all-time greatest goalies. He participates in 16 NHL seasons with four different teams, but is most famous for his stint with the Detroit Red Wings and Bison Sabers. With the Sabers, Hasek won the Vezina Award six times, which is second-most in history. He played a significant role in Detroit’s 2002 Stanley Cup victory as he went on to record six shutouts in the year’s 23 playoff games.

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