Top 10 Best Female Hockey Players In The World

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Women are strong enough to play hockey despite it being a very difficult sport; this says a lot about them. These incredible hockey players rank among the best, and it shows. They exude sex, are proud of who they are, and are self-assured. The top 10 female hockey players in the world are listed below.

These divas are the best in the business, which is why they were chosen. These women are among the very few individuals who have a positive impact on society. Millions of other people are motivated to face the world head-on by them even just through their gaming. The top 10 female hockey players for 2022 are listed below. Read on and have fun!

10.  Amanda Kessel

Amanda Kessel is ranked number 10 on this list of the top female hockey players in the world. NHL great Phil Kessel’s daughter was an important member of the U.S. women’s national team and, until recently, one of their top forwards.

Because of worries about concussions, she recently decided to stop playing hockey when she was a member of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.

She was hit pretty hard during the Sochi Olympics, and she started to worry that if she kept playing and risked receiving more major head trauma, she may develop serious health issues.

9. Halli Krzyzaniak

Halli Krzyzaniak is ranked ninth on this list of the top female hockey players in the world.

Halli “Don’t try to pronounce my last name” Krzyzaniak, a native of the picturesque area of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, is currently one of the most valuable players on the Canadian women’s national hockey team.

Although Brandon, Manitoba is a lovely area to live, there isn’t much else to do, so the defensewoman honed her skills at the game.

She earned the gold medal in 2012 while playing for the Canadian under-18 team, and she has been a player for the University of North Dakota since 2013.

8. Susanna Tapani

Susanna Tapani is ranked as the eighth best female hockey player in the world on this ranking. In Finland’s top women’s league, she presently competes for HPK.

With the Finnish women’s national teams at the 2011 and 2015 World Championships, left winger Susanna Tapani also won two bronze medals.

She participated in the Olympics in 2014 in Sochi and afterwards played for the University of North Dakota. In addition to being a great hockey player, she is also quite graceful and plays ringette when the ice melts.

7. Viona Harrer

Viona Harrer is ranked seventh on this list of the top female hockey players in the world. Viona Harrer, a German goaltender, has the appearance of the kind of lady you could see at a bar sipping a beer a few tables away and who starts chuckling when you unexpectedly make eye contact.

Well, at least that’s how most of our dreams start.

She has been playing competitive hockey for a long 10 years and has participated in both a men’s professional league and the women’s national team.

6. Emerance Maschmeyer

Emerance Maschmeyer is ranked sixth on this list of the top female hockey players in the world.

This new entry on our list, Maschmayer, represents Team Canada and shares a last name with the German team’s captain.

She won medals at the 2015 World Championship in Sweden as well as a competition for under-18s. And to top it all off, she is stunning beyond belief!

5. Tanja Eisenschmid

Tanja Eisenschmid is ranked fifth on this list of the top female hockey players in the world.

Tanja Eisenschmid, a lovely dirty-blonde from Kaufbeuren, Germany, is 28 years old and plays for the University of North Dakota women’s hockey team. She has been a dependable member of the national team since 2013.

Although she hasn’t yet won any medals with her national team, she has earned a well-deserved place on our list.

4. Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight is ranked number four on this list of the top female hockey players in the world. She would likely come in at number one if this were a list of the top female hockey players in the world, to be quite honest.

Since 2008, she has won five World Championship gold medals in addition to two Olympic silver medals in 2010 and 2014.

One of the most outstanding people during the last ten years has been Hilary Knight. She is not just extraordinarily talented, but she also smokes enough to make some models envious, like so many others on our list.

3. Angelina Goncharenko

Angelina Goncharenko is ranked third on this list of the top female hockey players in the world. Our third slot and our affections go to a twenty-four-year-old resident of Moscow who has played strong defense for the Russian national team in two World Championships and an Olympics.

She presently competes for the Moscow team in the well-liked Women’s Hockey League in Russia. At the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship in 2013, she took home a bronze medal with the national team despite without scoring a goal.

She has fantastic legs for someone her height of 5’10 and stunning eyes.

2. Meeri Raisanen

Meeri Raisanen is ranked second among all female hockey players in the world on this list. Our number two is a fantastic entry who has played goaltender for the Finnish national team.

She also serves as evidence for the fallacy that all Scandinavian women are blonde hotties, like the other Fins on this list.

In addition to playing for the national team, 28-year-old Raisanen also played for Robert Morris University, which is located just outside of Pittsburgh, until 2011. More recently, she has been quite active in Jääkiekon Naisten SM-Sarja, the Finnish women’s professional league.

1. Anna Prugova

Anna Prugova is ranked as the top female hockey player in the world on this ranking. Here, there was never really a race for the top spot.

The other athletes on this list are eligible for hotties in women’s hockey, but Russian goaltender Anna Prugova is so breathtakingly attractive that she is a level above the others.

She first started competing for the Russian national team in 2010, and she has been excellent ever since. She participated in the Olympic women’s hockey event in 2010 as the youngest player. There is no question that she belongs at the top of our list.

Last Words

These were the world’s top female hockey players. They are all extraordinarily talented and gifted. According to study, one of the hardest activities is playing hockey. These iron ladies deserve praise for accomplishing that so easily. These women have made a significant difference in a time when male athletes still predominate in the sports world.

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