Will one ball be enough for Oregon State?
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Will one ball be enough for Oregon State?

It’s likely to come down to this for the Beavers’ offense despite all the hoopla during Oregon State’s preseason football camp about quarterback Chance Nolan and the deep ball, the breakout receiver among a deep position group, and Luke Musgrave becoming the next big thing at tight end:

A running game that takes OSU places in 2022.

The Beavers seem prepared to let the offensive take the lead once more, much like in 2021. when Oregon State’s offense had one of the finest rushing attacks, in the nation for a significant portion of the season. Positive signs for OSU’s attack include a redesigned offensive line, with at least two potential NFL draft picks, five running backs competing for considerable playing time, and Jack Colletto.

Brian Lindgren, the offensive coordinator, remarked, “It’s a nice problem to have. “We did a good job of hiring for that role. We can use the many skills that each of them kind of have. Trying to start them all with only one football is challenging.

Finding a workhorse and riding that hot hand, was Lindgren’s preferred strategy throughout his time as a coordinator at OSU and Colorado. Jermar Jefferson and B.J. Baylor have served as capable backups in previous years, with space remaining for Artavis Pierce, Baylor, and Deshaun Fenwick. While Trey Lowe and Fenwick are almost inseparable 212 weeks prior to the team’s first game against Boise State on September 3, rookie Damien Martinez, redshirt freshman Isaiah Newell, transfer Jam Griffin, and junior Trey Lowe see things differently in 2022.

Early in the season, Lindgren plans to distribute the carries among a number of running backs to give everyone a chance to establish themselves.

There is simply too much skill in the room to ignore it at this time, according to Lindgren.

Going into camp, it was believed that Martinez, coming off a stellar spring debut, was poised to take the position. But this isn’t 2018, when Jefferson, a then-freshman, made waves during his rookie camp and immediately entered the starting lineup. August has been fine for Martinez. However, according to coach Jonathan Smith, Fenwick and Lowe, who are both in their fifth year of college, had fantastic offseasons. Griffin, a transfer from Georgia Tech, has demonstrated some talent. The coaches were pleasantly surprised by Newell, who has impressed them with consistently solid sessions throughout camp.

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