Tyreek Hill speaks highly of Justin Jefferson

With the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins facing each other on Sunday afternoon, it’s hard not to look at the star receivers on both sides of the football.

The Dolphins spent the last two offseasons building up their arsenal of weapons. They selected Jaylen Waddle with the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and traded a boatload of picks, including last year’s first-round pick to the Chiefs for Tyreek Hill.

The trade gave them a dynamic duo built around speed and explosiveness.

On the Vikings side, it’s all about Justin Jefferson. While he isn’t the dynamic speed threat that Hill is, he is explosive in his own right.

Hill spoke glowingly about Jefferson when he was asked about what impresses him about the Vikings’ third-year wide receiver.

“Oh, Justin Jefferson? Bro, he’s like a real sneaky – he’s sneaky fast and the way he’s able to get in and out of his breaks as a route runner.

I’m really impressed with his game as far as him being so young. I believe he was like a two-star recruit coming out, so I really applaud him for working hard and getting to the level he’s at now.

So man, shout out to him. I know he’s going to keep working hard. The receiver market is steady going up, man, so I’m very happy for that.

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