10. Andreas Thorkildsen

- Former javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen is from Norway. - In 2004, 2008, and 2010, he earned Olympic gold. - In 2006, 2010, and 2009, he won European and world gold.

9. Konstadinos Gatsioudis

- Former Greek track and field athlete Onstadinos Gatsioudis specialized in javelin throwing. - In 2000, his personal best throw of 91.69 meters broke the previous Greek record.

8. Andreas Hofmann

- In July 2018, he won the gold medal in the German Athletics Championships, setting a new record of 89.55 meters. - He won silver in the 2018 European Athletics Championships in August with a throw of 87.60 meters.

7. Raymond Hecht

- German track and field athlete Raymond Hecht took part in the javelin throw competition. - He set a personal best throw in 1995 of 92.60 meters.

6. Sergey Makarov

- Former Russian javelin thrower Sergey Makarov. - His 92.61-meter throw in 2002 became the Russian record.

5. Julius Yego

- Kenyan track and field athlete Julius Yego takes part in the javelin throw competition. - He holds the African and Commonwealth records for the activity with a world record of 92.72 meters.

4. Aki Parviainen

- A man from Finland named Aki Parviainen comes in. - He achieved his highest score of 93.09m on June 26, 1999, placing him fourth overall in the rankings.

3. Thomas Rohler

- The third name on the list is another German male. - In this instance, Thomas Rohler's personal best javelin throw of     93.90 meters places him third all-time in the world. - He won the German national championship in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

2. Johannes Vetter

- Jan Zelezny is followed by Johannes Vetter. - Two world records are held by this German javelin thrower: 97.76 meters on September 6, 2020, and 94.44 meters on July 11, 2017.

1. Jan Zelezny

- Most people consider this Czech javelin thrower to be the greatest of all time. - His greatest throw, which he made in 1996 at a distance of 98.48 meters, still stands as the world record for the top four javelin throws.