Top 10 Best Triple     Jump World         Records

10. Volodymyr Inozemtsev

- Inozemtsev was a triple jumper from Ukraine. - At a competition in Bratislava on June 20, 1990, he established one of the world records for a triple jump of 17.90 meters.

9. James Beckford

8. Khristo Markov

- The 1988 Olympic gold medalist in the triple leap, Khristo Markov is a retired triple jumper from Bulgaria. - Additionally, he won the world and European championships.

7. Willie Banks

- Banks participated in the triple jump competition as a track and field athlete. - On June 16, 1985, in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the national championships, he established a world record of 17.97 meters (58 foot 11.5 inches).

6. Teddy Tamgho

- Teddy Tamgho is the world’s sixth-best outdoor triple jumper, with the best record of 18.04 meters earned in the 2013 World Championships.

5. Pedro Pablo Pichardo

-Pedro Pablo Pichardo lowered his own national record by 2 cm when clearing 18.08 meters in the Copa Cuba-Memorial Barrientos meet in Havana on May 28, 2015.

4. Kenny Harrison

- After recovering from surgery, Kenny Harrison won the gold medal at the summer Olympics of 1996 with a personal best, American record, and Olympic record of 18.09 meters. - This leap is notable for being the longest ever made with a negative wind reading.

3. Will Claye

- American-Sierra Leonean track and field athlete Will Claye participates in the triple jump and long jump. - He won gold medals at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in 2012 and 2018 in addition to a bronze in the 2011 World Athletics Championships.

2. Christian Taylor

- American triple jumper Christian Taylor ranks second all-time with a personal best of 18.21 meters. - He is the current Olympic champion as well as the current Champion.

1. Jonathan Edwards

- Jonathan Edwards is a retired triple jumper from the United Kingdom. - The record was around 20 minutes long. With his second leap of 18.29 meters, he became the first human to jump 60 meters.