10. NBA 2k

Publisher: 2K Sports

-  it’s domination over the Basketball   genre, 2K has really given it     their all, with NBA 2K12 the icing    on the cake. - With widespread critical acclaim,  this was able to consolidate the   2K Sports' position as the leader in   the Basketball genre. - Although deep gameplay   sometimes can be a hindrance for    casual gamers, 2K sports has really   done well to hold on to its    fanbase.

9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

- Golf on television is more  monotonous than golf in video  games. - PGA Tour features excellent visuals  and incredibly decent    playability. The career mode's plot  is also not horrible. - It's the closest thing to playing  actual golf without leaving your   house, therefore I recommend you  try it out on the Wii. - If you're into golf, this game is  excellent.

8. Madden NFL

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

- The finest video game ever made for American football is still  Madden NFL. - It bears the name of eminent head coach and Pro Football Hall of   Famer John Madden and has seen an astounding 27 releases.

7. Virtua Tennis

Publisher: SEGA

- As an example, consider Sega's   Virtua Tennis, an arcade game that   so flawlessly captured the stretch-   and- dive drama of professional   tennis that,  despite the lack of   female players, it never really   required a sequel. - It still offers the greatest video    representation of tennis accessible    after 12 years and its fifth version.

6. Track and Field

Publisher: Konami

- This game screams nostalgia, right  down to the hilariously rendered  characters and iconic Vangelis tune. - The gameplay consisted just of   swiftly pressing the same buttons     again. - This is one of the greatest arcade   games ever developed and features   six Olympic sports.

5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Publisher: Activision

- Even though Tony Hawk isn't the best  skateboarder, his game is the best X-  Games-inspired video game. -  A very groundbreaking game with  straightforward yet distinctive   gameplay. - This game was able to draw in both  casual arcade players an competitive  players because of its soundtrack  and the  absurdly large number of  combinations.

4. Punch-Out!!

Publisher: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

- Although the gameplay was  straightforward and clean, its secret  to success was that it was just too  difficult! Imagine joining the select  group of players who have finished  the game, and especially beating  Mike Tyson in the decisive battle. - The game's difficulty contributed to  its interest. Punch-Out has reportedly  sold more than 2 million copies. If  you haven't tried playing Punch-Out  yet, now is a better time than never.

3. NHL ’94

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

- For many Americans, it continues to  be their favorite sport. - NHL '94 is still a shining example of  how a little but significant design  change can have a significant impact. - Separate anthems for each side and  a timeout after each half were further  elements of NHL'94. - NHL 94 is often ranked among the  top sports video games. - Boston.com dubbed it the Greatest  Sports Game of All Time.

2. Wii Sports 

Publisher: Nintendo

- Designed and created by Nintendo as  a straightforward opening line In  2009, Wii Sports, which was also  produced by Nintendo, surpassed  Super Mario Bros as the most  popular video game of all time. - The follow-up to Wii Sports, Wii  Sports Resort, was released in 2009  and received generally favorable  reviews. - One of the genuinely remarkable  gaming ideas is still Wii Sports.

1. F.I.F.A. (Franchise)

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

- Because of how well-liked EA's FIFA  was, FIFA 12 is still the sports game  that has sold the most copies the  fastest. - It has gone a long way from FIFA 94,  and FIFA 13 is currently the 19th and  most recent edition. Even EA's  quadrennial specials for the Euro  (2004, 2008, 2012) and World Cup  (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010) earned rave  reviews. - In conclusion, EA's FIFA is the  greatest sports video game ever.  Period.