I’m built for the good times and the tough times

Through the first five weeks of 2022, quarterback Russell Wilson and the Denver offense have had trouble.

Denver, which is currently 2-3, has only scored more than 16 points once, in a 32-23 loss to Las Vegas in Week Four. With 75 points, the Broncos sit in the thirty-first spot.

Wilson claimed on Thursday that he is not influenced by criticism and is not considering altering his weekly procedure. However, he does appear to believe that success is imminent.

I believe that I am capable of handling it. I was made for it. We're going to come out on the other side because I'm constructed for both the good and the bad times.

The main thing to concentrate on today is how you come out of it and how we, as a team, keep improving in what we're doing and where we're headed. Nothing else is important. We must have had the best day so far today

That would be regardless of our record – whether we were 5-0, which we might have had a chance to be. And the fact is, we are where we are right now on a Thursday/Wednesday, which is reality. And we need to make it unique.

Wilson also provided some perspective, basically noting that these moments aren't difficult compared to actual life circumstances, like his father being on his deathbed years ago.

Wilson remarked, "We're talking about playing football and what I love to do. And there is still a ton of season left, a ton of season. There is much grandeur in store. I already have, and I will do it once again. And that's primarily what I consider.

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