Rivals 2023 football team rankings introduction

The Rivals 2023 football team rankings are finally out and they’ve yielded some interesting results.

What is surprising is that schools beat their expectations by rising to the top. There were a lot of shake ups this year but one thing remains constant: Alabama reigns supreme.

What is surprising this year is how much the quarterback position has risen in prominence.

It was always a position that stood out but in Rivals 2023 it seems like quarterbacks are either a star or a bust, much like in real life.

The schools that dominated the NFL over the last decade all have a quarterback who is their key to success, and it looks like Rivals 2023 will be no different.

Texas A&M comes in at number one, with Alabama and Clemson close behind.

Ohio State moved into second place after a strong season, while Georgia finished ninth.

 The Buckeyes finished the year with a 14-4 record, taking down opponents by an average margin of 14.7 points per game and finishing with a third consecutive Big Ten title.

 Ohio State boasts one of the best offensive units in the country, checking in at No. 1 in Offensive Efficiency (adjusted points per possession) and fifth in 2-Point Shooting Percentage.

The Buckeyes are also a force on defense, ranking No. 4 in Defensive Efficiency and holding opponents to 61 percent shooting from inside of 10 feet (sixth-best).

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