Pakistan beat England by six runs in the fifth T20I

Aamer Jamal – the debutant – in for the final over! And it’s a great start as he goes full to collect two dots;

Moeen decided against the run off the second after hitting the ball to long-off. He’s going to do it all himself.

Then the young quick goes too wide outside off, which means a repeat. Moeen gets a hold of the ball now, smashing the ball over long-on for six!

That was there to be hit and Moeen obliged with a laaaavely swing of the bat. That’s fifty too for the skipper.

And then the wide yorker from Jamal, which Moeen can’t put away. Penultimate ball: another wide yorker! And Moeen can only squeeze it out for a single.

Six needed to tie the scores but Willey can’t pull off something special. Quality stuff from the 26-year-old fast bowler: few would’ve heard of him before today; now he’s Pakistan’s hero.

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Credit: Google