Packers must limit AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones

Opposing defenses are put under additional strain when Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are on the field together.

Sadly, it’s not as easy as writing out a few extra pieces for them to play; there is another important issue to take into account.

Jones and Dillon, two of the Green Bay Packers’ better players, both offer the playmaking potential this offense needs

The diversity that each player brings gives Matt LaFleur more freedom as a play caller and gives him more options.

It also causes problems for defenses since they must prepare for more than just having to defend both players at once.

According to Sharp Football, Jones and Dillon were on the field together for just 2% of the Packers’ offensive plays last year.

The Packers will need to use Jones and Dillon more frequently against Chicago since it is evident that doing so will benefit them.

But the additional problems that these two can cause for defenders can also be advantageous for the entire offense.

During the 2021 season, more than a fifth of those snaps were combined in a single contest versus Minnesota in Week 17. In that game, the Packers offense as a whole averaged 7.4 yards per play on those snaps, as noted by Pete Dougherty of Packers News.

To put things in perspective, in 2021, their season average was 5.8 yards, which placed them sixth in the NFL.

Even last weekend in Minnesota, when Jones and Dillon were present, the Packers made one of their biggest gains while neither of them touched the ball.

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