Tyrese Haliburton now has a fresh perspective on the trade that startled the NBA and left him in tears, six months after the Kings dealt him to the                     Indiana Pacers.

The 22-year-old claimed in an interview with Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews.com that he is now aware of the anger he once      harbored toward the                    Kings.                           .

Nevertheless, he's still using the circumstance as motivation to seize his brand-new chance with the Pacers.

It's interesting because I was just jotting down regrets, unmet expectations, and resentments the other day.

The Sacramento Kings are the only thing in my life for which I currently feel resentment. I don't want to hang onto that, it's like.

Kennedy was told by Haliburton. In all honesty, that [deal] is such a blessing for me.

Although it's so simple to do so now, I truly consider my current situation to be a total blessing because it allows me to demonstrate my skills and play my natural position.

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