Leon Edwards startled the world and performed the almost unfathomable just as it seemed like the end was near.

At UFC 278's main event on Saturday at Salt Lake City's Vivint Arena, welterweight Edwards (20-3 MMA, 12-2 UFC) knocked him out.

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (20-2 MMA, 15-1 UFC) unconscious with a Hail Mary head kick at 4:04 of Round 5.

The knockout blow came after nearly four rounds of relative domination by the champion Usman, who stifled Edwards with strong cardio, grappling, and control.

Edwards started UFC 278 strong (though not as strong as he finished it). In Round 1, he became the first man to take down Usman. 

He rode and took the back but couldn't muster much of an attack. Before the knockout strike, Usman had mostly controlled all aspects of Rounds 2, 3, 4, and part of Round 5.

Prior to UFC 278, Usman was regarded by many, including UFC president Dana White, as the best fighter in MMA pound-for-pound.

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