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What did Denver's preseason beating at the hands of the Bills teach us Curled up and died. And the coaches couldn't motivate them back into focus.

Seemingly on a dime, the mood in the Mile High City went from one of cool, collected confidence to one of apprehension and anxiety.

After the Denver Broncos got boot-stomped by the Buffalo Bills 42-15 in preseason Game 2, old misgivings have risen back to the surface for many fans. 

Considering that it's the preseason, should fans be affected that much by an ugly preseason loss wherein next-to-zero starters played?

On the surface, the answer is no, but I understand the mood shift in Broncos Country because it wasn't just that Denver got blown out in an exhibition game; it's how it happened.

The Broncos gave up the ghost early against the Bills. Threw in the towel.

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