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JD Sports Fashion plc, sometimes referred to as JD Sports or JD, is an English sports-fashion retail business with headquarters in Bury, Greater Manchester.

What is JD Sports?

It was established in Manchester in 1983.

When it was established?

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- John Wardle and David Makin (thus the name JD) founded the business in 1981, operating out of a single store in Bury, Greater Manchester. - In 1983, the business set up shop in Manchester's Arndale Center. In May 2005, Pentland Group paid £44.6M for the shares of Wardle and Makin, purchasing 45% of the company.


- Bank Stores, which sold fashion clothing, was purchased for about £19 million in December 2007, Champion Sports was purchased for €19.6 million in January 2011, Blacks Leisure Group was brought out of bankruptcy for £20 million in January 2012, FLY53, a streetwear clothing brand, was introduced in February 2012, and Tessuti debuted in January 2016 before Cloggs, a shoe retailer, was brought out of bankruptcy in February 2013. In May 2014, Clothingsites.co.uk and its websites, Woodhouse.


- The company acquired Chausport, which operated 75 small shops in France, in May 2009. - It opened its first site in Malaysia in January 2016. -  The company spent A$6.6 million in late 2016 to acquire 80% of the Australian retailer Next Athleisure. - The business will launch a joint venture in Indonesia in December 2021, with a shop opening there in 2022.

International operations

- JD Sports serves as the official supplier and sponsor for several association football clubs, individuals, and groups. -  In August 2008, JD Sports announced sponsorship deals with AFC Bournemouth, Charlton Athletic, Dundee United, Blackpool, Luton Town, and Oldham Athletic.


- In 2016 and 2019, analogies to Victorian "dark satanic mills" and "prisons" were made, and the corporation has been accused of treating its UK warehouse employees unfairly.

Mistreatment of staff

- Customer Care · 1-855-423-1624 - Email · @JDSportsUS. - email address is customercare@jd-sports.com.au

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