Former Steeler Ryan Clark calls out Pittsburgh

There is no more outspoken member of the NFL media than Ryan Clark. It just so happens he spent his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers so when he talks about them, he does not mince words.

Clark called his old team out after their embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and pulled no punches.

For Clark, it all starts with head coach Mike Tomlin, who he calls his favorite coach of all time.

However, he also said it’s his job to get the team up to play and he didn’t do it.

Clark also said the only player on the team he would have wanted on his team is rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett.

He also followed it up by saying the team quit against the Bills on Sunday.

This one might be hard to hear but he’s not wrong. Pittsburgh fell way behind early and you just saw the fight drain out of them.

It was hard to watch but it was the reality of a team that doesn’t know how to win right now.

Let us know in the comments what you make of Clark’s comments.

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