When Tom Brady entered the store and revealed this delectable tidbit about his very first journey into free              agency.

Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback for the 49ers, was the early front-runner for the part of the anonymous    "     motherf-ker."

In July 2021, Carr informed Brother from Another that, based on what he had overheard, Brady wasn't referring to him.

Many are coming to the conclusion that it was Carr as a result of Dana White's remarks from the first-ever UFC "GronkCast," which claimed that Brady to the Raiders was practically a done deal before coach Jon Gruden blew it up.

Additionally, the rest of what Brady stated about The Store doesn't support the assertion that Brady was prepared to begin shopping.

Brady once claimed, "Looking back, there's no f-king way I would have joined that team. But they claimed not to want me.

Gruden wrinkled up his face and told Brady not to, just as Brady was about to leave and start looking at houses.

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