China readying ring of telescopes aimed at Sun on Tibetan Plateau

The radio telescope will have a circumference of 3.14 kilometers as it images the Sun in radio waves.

In terms of space exploration, China has been advancing at an astonishing rate and will eventually aim for both asteroids and distant planets in addition to Mars

But before all that, Beijing is getting ready to unveil the biggest array of circular radio telescopes ever, which will be pointed at the Sun.

The telescope will be used to investigate CMEs and comprehend the phenomena when magnetized plasma escapes from the sun’s upper atmosphere and travels through space, according to a story in the South China Morning Post.

According to Wu Junwei, the project manager from the National Space Science Centre, “The DSRT will be the world’s largest circular array for solar radio imaging, and enable more accurate observation of coronal mass ejections,” according to China News Service.