Building Competency as a Boss While Growing a Business

The Uncommon Closet experience is inclusive on purpose, from the surroundings to interactions with staff. Owner Korri has fashioned a tailoring shop that is open to everyone.

Amazing lesson! Korri Burton-Universe, the owner of the custom clothing and tailoring company Uncommon Closet, learned this lesson the hard way. Due to the postponement of weddings, business improved in 2021 after a difficult year in 2020.

Like other small business owners, Korri finds reviews to be both a blessing and a burden, but they accept them with grace.

“I’ve discovered that you can’t please everyone. And occasionally, we really are to blame, and I’ll own it. But you can’t please everyone. Not everyone will always get along with you. And occasionally, things just happen even though we may not have done something correctly.”

However, Yvette asserts that you cannot simply reply to reviews, whether they are positive or negative, with a canned response.

These tactical business principles have aided Uncommon Closet’s success, and the following others might be beneficial to your small business as well.