Biden announces a potential agreement to prevent the big disruption-threatening rail strike.

According to President Joe Biden, the White House has reached a tentative agreement to avoid a rail strike that threatened to cause significant disruptions across the country, with freight employees securing a crucial demand under its conditions.

The agreement, which was reached after business organizations and political figures warned that a strike would disrupt passenger services and destroy supply chains,

underlines the labor movement's rising influence under an administration that has positioned itself as a steadfast partner of labor.

In remarks praising representatives for the unions and rail companies at the White House on Thursday, Biden said, "This agreement is a 

tremendous success for America," adding that the negotiators had stayed up for 20 hours of marathon discussions as a Friday deadline loomed.

The agreement provides some political respite for the president and other Democrats following growing concerns that the financial effects of a strike could worsen the situation for families already struggling under persistently rising inflation.

According to Biden, "this is a victory for tens of thousands of rail workers, for their dignity, and for the dignity of their work."

" During the pandemic, "they came so every American could keep going." He also hailed the carriers as the essential "backbone"

of the economy and dubbed the tentative agreement a win for railway operators, saying it will improve their capacity to hire and retain personnel.

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