Horse to the oldest human had companions. Centuries ago, horses were mostly. Today, the population of horses has gone down but they are still widely loved.

Thoroughbred Horse Originally from the United Kingdom, the Thoroughbred is recognized as the fastest racing horse in the world. Known for its agility and fast speeds.

American Quarter Horse This breed is prevalent in the US short races, often a quarter of a mile.They cover short distances at very high speeds. It’s muscular, and known for its versatility.

Arabian Horse An origin from the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian horse is a majestic breed with very distinctive features. It’s one of the oldest horse breeds.

Clydesdale Horse The Clydesdale is one of the famous cold-blooded horses in America. Originally from Scotland, this breed is tall and muscular and a great choice for farming.

Appaloosa Horses The Appaloosa is known for its distinct spotted coats. With yet another rich history, this variety is said to have been originally bred by the Nez Perce Native-American tribe.

Morgan Horse This breed is a popular choice for horse lovers. Named after its owner, Justin Morgan, this breed is very athletic and performs so well in a racing track.

Warmblood Horses The Warmblood refers to several breeds which have a distinct personality. They have combined features that you get from “hot-blooded” horse.

Andalusian Horse The Andalusian is a powerful, majestic horse originally from the South of Spain. This breed is well known for its elegant mane and high energy.

American Paint Horse This breed originates from America. It is well known for its distinctive coloring. The Paint Horse is a crossbreed between the Thoroughbred, making them quite powerful.

Shetland Pony The Shetland Pony is a small size horse ranging between 71 and 107 cm. This breed is considered one of the most intelligent horse breeds.