5 Forecasts for the Toronto Maple Leafs Through 2023

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5 Forecasts for the Toronto Maple Leafs Through 2023
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Another year of the calendar has passed. It’s time to anticipate what the Toronto Maple Leafs will experience in 2023.

The Toronto Maple Leafs experienced a lot of positive things in 2022, but they were still unable to win the championship. Both the goalkeeper and overall team defense have improved for the team. Despite how useful that would be, Kyle Dubas, the general manager of Toronto, will probably add one or two players before the NHL trade deadline. Cost and the assets the Maple Leafs are willing to part with will determine whether or not this is done. 5 Forecasts for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Some of the forecasts will center on the upcoming off-season because the full year is the topic of this article. The off-season could prove to be the most important one for GM Dubas. Many members of Leafs Nation will be crossing their fingers. The contract situation involving Auston Matthews will be the main topic of discussion.

Ilya Samsonov, a restricted free agency goalie, bolstering the team’s top six players, and Toronto’s defense going into the following season are further topics to pay attention to. Toronto will have an eventful year in 2023, and supporters are eager to see what occurs.

For the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2023, here are my five audacious predictions.

Toronto Finds Playoff Success

The Maple Leafs won’t win the Stanley Cup, but I do believe they will advance to the championship round. Fans now only want to see them get past the opening round. They will prevail in round two thanks to the momentum from round one. The entire cost of playing in the playoffs will then, in my opinion, catch up to them, and Toronto will lose the conference final.

Auston Matthews Signs a Huge Deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs

Auston Matthews can currently choose to extend his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. His contract for the 2023–24 season has one more year to run. A signed extension won’t affect the salary cap until the 2024–2025 campaign. I predict that Toronto and Matthews will reach an agreement on an 8-year, $15 million per season contract using the “go big or go home” concept. Toronto will have $55.9 million in projected cap space for the 2024–25 season, according to capfriendly.com. 5 Forecasts for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ilya Samsonov Signs Multi-Year Extension

Samsonov’s age (25) and skill level make it simpler to imagine Dubas signing the RFA to a multi-year contract to retain him in Toronto. I estimate that the new contract will last for four to five years and have a cap impact of about $4 million. Samsonov will remain in Toronto during his peak thanks to the agreement.

A Top-Four Defenseman Will Not Be Added by the Toronto Maple Leafs

Kyle Dubas, the general manager of Toronto, seems to be happy with the defensive lineup of Morgan Rielly, T.J. Brodie, Rasmus Sandin, Mark Giordano, and Timothy Liljegren. Conor Timmins’ acquisition has been beneficial for the Maple Leafs. He is an RFA this off-season, and I believe Dubas will make the right decision in re-signing him. Toronto may bolster their defense, but only for the purpose of depth.

Toronto’s Top-Six Will Be Repaired Internally

Fans have been asking Toronto to strengthen their top six all season. Any concerns with the top six will be resolved, in my opinion, by keeping Michael Bunting there and adding prospect Matthew Knies at the end of the season.

In light of this, I also believe Toronto will re-sign Bunting this off-season on a multi-year contract. The majority of Dubas’ cap space will go toward re-signing his key players and RFAs.

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