TOP 10 Largest NFL Football Stadiums in USA

TOP 10 Largest NFL Football Stadiums in USA
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What NFL stadium is the largest?

The largest NFL stadium in the United States is the MetLife Stadium, which is part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It can accommodate 82,500 people.

The TOP-10 Largest NFL Football Stadiums

Football is more than just a game to thousands of people throughout the world; it’s virtually a way of life. As a result, the fans of this sport frequently travel to the best venues to watch the contests. The largest NFL football stadiums, including some of the most well-known and venerable ones, are listed here. While some of them have been in operation for many years, others have only been built in the last 10 years or so and have already had a few renovations.

10. NRG Stadium

The stadium’s seating capacity is 72 200. In Texas, it debuted in 2002. The Houston Texans have called it home from the start. This location takes up

125,000 square feet. This is the first retractable roof NFL structure. The stadium is a component of the larger complex known as NRG Park. This football field’s usage for rodeos, concerts, and private events makes it unique and fascinating.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 72,200
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Home NFL Team: Houston Texans
  • Year Opened:  August 24, 2002

Did You Know?

The NRG Stadium’s retractable roof opens completely in only seven minutes.

9. Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The structure is sometimes referred to as the Superdome. Since this is the New Orleans Saints’ home field, you may see them play here against other football teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and Philadelphia Eagles, among others. This location can now accommodate 76 468 people.

The stadium dome is the largest permanent dome structure in the world with a diameter of 680 feet. It is also the biggest all-steel arena in the world and can support 20,000 tons. Incorporating the structure, garages, and grounds, the overall land size is 52 acres. You must go one kilometer in order to complete a round around the stadium.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 73,208
  •  Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  •  Home NFL Team: New Orleans Saints
  •  Year Opened:  August 3, 1975

Did You Know?

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s primary area, or the field, is the largest steel-constructed space that is not blocked by posts.

8. Bank Of America Stadium

On this ground, Carolina Panthers Club matches are held. Charlotte is where the stadium is located (North Carolina). Now that 75 523 people can watch a football game there, this location was specifically built for sporting events. It was inaugurated on September 14, 1996. The building project cost 248 million dollars. Populus, a firm, designed the initiative. Due to a 20-year naming rights agreement struck in 2004 between the Panthers and Bank of America, this stadium will retain its name through the year 2024.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 75,523
  •  Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  •  Home NFL Team: Carolina Panthers
  •  Year Opened:  August 3, 1996

Did You Know?

Because of a 2004 20-year naming rights agreement between the Panthers and Bank of America, Bank of America Stadium will continue to be known as such through the year 2024.

7. Arrowhead Stadium

With 76,416 seats, Arrowhead Stadium has been operational for more than 46 years. Unlike many sports venues, Arrowhead Stadium was designed only for football and was not intended to serve many purposes.

The Arrowhead Stadium contains a sizable art collection, similar to some of the other stadiums on our list. The majority of the artwork is created by Kansas City-based artists. Local artists offer Paint & Sip workshops in Arrowhead Stadium since the city values art so highly.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 76,416
  •  Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  •  Home NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs
  •  Year Opened:  August 12, 1972

Did You Know?

One of the loudest NFL stadiums is recognized for being Arrowhead Stadium.

6. Empower Field at Mile High

The Denver Broncos own the football field. For spectators, this venue contains 76 125 seats. The stadium has a unique custom: fans of the Broncos stomp on the ground collectively during games to encourage the football team and make a loud noise.

Over the past 20 years, the Broncos Stadium at Mile High has served as a football field. The Denver Broncos played their debut game against the New York Giants here. The most recent refurbishment of the building took place in 2013, and it cost about 32 million dollars.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 76,125
  •  Location: Denver, Colorado
  •  Home NFL Team: Denver Broncos
  •  Year Opened:  September 10, 2001

5. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum wasn’t utilized as a regular NFL stadium for a long time due to the absence of a Los Angeles professional club until the Rams relocated there in 2016. The University of Southern California-Los Angeles Trojans play their home games of collegiate football at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is not only the oldest NFL stadium in history but also one of the biggest.

The capacity of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is currently being reduced as part of significant repairs. The Coliseum, which had 93,607 seats (making it the largest NFL stadium prior to 2018), will have 77,500 seats instead in 2019. The United Airlines Memorial Coliseum will take the place of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum beginning in August 2019.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 78,500
  •  Location: Los Angeles, California
  •  Home NFL Team: Los Angeles Rams (temporarily)
  •  Year Opened:  May 1, 1923

Did You Know?

In 1932, 1984, and the next Summer Olympics in 2028, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will become the first stadium in history to host the Summer Olympics three times.

4. AT&T Stadium

The American football field AT&T Stadium, popularly called Jerry World, is situated in Arlington, Texas. The building was inaugurated in 2009. The project’s price tag was $1,3 billion. There are 80,000 seats overall, with an additional almost 100,000 seats available.

The building was created by the global architectural firm “HKS, Inc.” The Dallas Cowboys, a professional football team competing in the National Football League, call the sports complex home.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 80,000 
  •  Location: Arlington, Texas
  •  Home NFL Team: Dallas Cowboys
  •  Year Opened:  May 27, 2009

Did You Know?

The scoreboard inside AT&T Stadium holds the record for the largest high-definition video display in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Lambeau Field

Because the Green Bay Packers play their home games at Lambeau Field and have fervently devoted supporters, it is one of the most recognizable NFL venues. Over 81,400 tickets in the Packers’ home stadium have a regular-season price range of $100 to $411.

The 376,000-square-foot Atrium on the east side of the stadium is one of Lambeau Field’s most distinctive features. The five-story Lambeau Field Atrium offers a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. Additionally, the Atrium has private spaces that may be hired out for gatherings.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 81,441
  •  Location: Green Bay Wisconsin
  •  Home NFL Team: Green Bay Packers
  •  Year Opened:  September 29, 1957

Did You Know?

Lambeau Field has the record for being the NFL’s longest continually inhabited stadium, despite not being the league’s oldest venue.

2. FedExField

The Washington Redskins play at FedExField, which is 500 seats short of being the biggest NFL stadium. FedExField can accommodate 82,000 spectators at present, but it once had a 91,000-seat capacity. However, the Redskins have eliminated thousands of seats from FedExField in recent years as attendance has decreased.

The 200-acre FedExField was built in the fall of 1997, just in time for a Redskins game against the Arizona Cardinals, which the Redskins won. The Bud Light Social Lounge, which was established as a result of a collaboration with Anheuser Busch, is located within FedExField. The Social Lounge has iPads, many Xbox Ones, a simulated field goal kick, and of course Bud Light beer.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 82,000
  •  Location: Landover, Maryland
  •  Home NFL Team: Washington Redskins
  •  Year Opened:  September 14, 1997

Did You Know?

Prior to its completion, FedExField was known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in memory of the Redskins’ then-owner, who had gone away.

1. MetLife Stadium

New Jersey is the location of MetLife Stadium. There is enough for 82,500 individuals there. The New York Jets and the New York Giants of the NFL both play at MetLife. The building’s construction cost around 1.6 billion dollars. Work on the stadium began on April 10, 2010. The MetLife is unique since it is the only stadium where two football clubs compete. After the most recent renovation, this location was included among the biggest stadiums. It now has extra room as a result of the Angeles Memorial Coliseum’s size reduction.

  • Current Seat Capacity: 82,500
  •  Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey
  •  Home NFL Team: New York Jets and New York Giants
  •  Year Opened:  April 10, 2010

Did You Know?

The New York Jets and the New York Giants are the only NFL teams who call MetLife Stadium home.


The TOP-10 Largest NFL Football Stadiums in USA are :

  1. MetLife Stadium
  1. FedExField
  1. Lambeau Field
  1. AT&T Stadium
  1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  1. Empower Field at Mile High
  1. Arrowhead Stadium
  1. Bank Of America Stadium
  1. Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  1. NRG Stadium