Matt Rhule: The Panthers are enraged and desperate to win.

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The Panthers are enraged and desperate to win.

Back on Sunday, head coach Matt Rhule told reporters that his squad is still “close” after the Carolina Panthers’ 19-16 defeat to the New York Giants.

But what exactly does “close” imply, especially when you’ve dropped your last nine games and are 0-2 so far this season?

Rhule was specifically asked that by ESPN’s David Newton today, and Rhule responded with a brisk and straightforward response.

On Wednesday, Rhule added, “What I said on Sunday is my reaction to the game. “As a head coach, you’re accountable for the players and their thinking, psyche, and all that stuff when I get here on Monday—after the game.

The Panthers are enraged and desperate to win.

And losing two games on field goals that you were hoping wouldn’t be successful is awful. But they were lost.

Therefore, when we said that, we weren’t saying, “Hey, it’s okay. We are expected to triumph. We’re here to succeed. Do not be misled; there will not be a “Hey, it’s okay, folks” greeting when we arrive on Monday.

There are a lot of irate people here who are desperate to win. And they put forth a ton of effort. Therefore, the notion that “Hey, there’s a loser mentality in this place” is untrue.

Unfortunately for Rhule, losing has become the norm for his Panthers—whether that is the mentality or not. Their current nine-game losing run is the longest active slump in the whole league.

The numbers outside of that vacuum are also not particularly interesting. The Panthers are enraged Under Rhule, Carolina is 10–25 overall, 1–25 while giving up more than 17 points, and has gone five games without a turnover.

How then can the Panthers recover from all of that? Rhule thinks it has to do with power.

When asked how his players should view the game, he responded, “It’s power. It’s as though, “You know what? We’ll win if I play that much better. It has force. of the nature of “I play football well.” I can assist the Carolina Panthers win since I play for them.

That is the attitude. The aggressive mindset is that. The Panthers are enraged No one in the building has a non-aggressive mindset. However, things stand as they do. We must struggle to survive.

On Sunday, the NFC South rival New Orleans Saints visit town, continuing the conflict.

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