Sean McVay is eager to see Andrew Whitworth’s broadcasting debut and analyze it.

Sean McVay is eager
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Sean McVay is Eager

This summer, Andrew Whitworth will have a different job from the one to which he was previously used. During preseason games, he won’t be on the sidelines cheering on his teammates; instead, he’ll be in the broadcast booth assessing the broadcasting abilities of his former teammates.

The Rams’ three preseason games will be broadcast by Whitworth, Mina Kimes, Andrew Siciliano, and them, starting on Saturday night when the Rams play the Chargers. The former left tackle’s broadcast debut is something Sean McVay, who coached Whitworth for five seasons, is eager to see. McVay will also be giving Whitworth feedback on how he performs.

McVay replied, “No doubt,” when asked whether he would replay the broadcast and assess Whitworth. He is prepared to analyze because his home is set up and he has the movie. And I’ll be assessing his broadcasting abilities.

Whitworth did not participate in any Rams preseason games and was given lots of days off throughout training camp, so he may be busier now that he is retired than he was in prior summers.

“He’s a grinder by nature. Right now, I don’t think I know as much about the roster as he does,” McVay said. He’ll perform admirably. You guys know from spending time with him that whatever he decides to do—whether it’s with our broadcast team or Amazon—going it’s to be a very positive decision, and I’m looking forward to watching the big fella on TV.

Whitworth and McVay have stayed close since his retirement, and they will probably stay friends for a very, very long time. Who knows, maybe in the future Whitworth will be a member of McVay’s staff.

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