Michael Phelps Net Worth

Michael Phelps Net Worth
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Michael Phelps

What is the net worth of Michael Phelps?

One of the most outstanding Olympians ever is Michael Phelps. He was a previous American cutthroat expert swimmer. He is viewed as quite possibly of the best Olympian ever. Phelps has a sum of 28 decorations, which makes him the best competitor ever. With 23 gold awards in general, he keeps on holding the record.

Michael Phelps has a sizable total assets of more than $60 million notwithstanding his reputation from his work. He is awesome ever because of a colossal cluster of honors, titles, and achievements.

Michael Phelps Net Worth – $60 Million

Country of OriginUnited States
Birthday30 June 1985
ProfessionFormer Competitive Swimmer
Wealth SourceOlympian (Professional Swimmer)
Last Updated2022

Early Life & Career

American swimmer Michael Phelps was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 30, 1985. He is the family’s youngest member. His father was a former Maryland State Trooper, and his mother was a school principal. He struggled as a youngster and lived apart from his father for many years as a result of his parents’ divorce.

When he was seven years old, Michael Phelps began swimming. After retiring, he admitted that his mother had always wanted him to be a swimmer. He loved the ocean and swimming for this reason. He had abilities that were just astonishing for someone so young. 2016 saw his retirement.

Phelps earned a spot in the 2000 summer Olympics, which is when the major event made him famous throughout the world. He was the youngest swimmer to set a world record. The voyage began here and somehow broke several world records. He has won several accolades and held many different titles.

Career Highlights

Among the most well-known accomplishments are:

  • 8 times named World Swimmer of the Year.
  • eleven times, the American Swimmer of the Year title.
  • Male performance of the year for the Golden Goggle six times.
  • Seven times named Golden Goggle Male Athlete of the Year.

In addition, he has won a number of significant awards, such as the Marca Leyenda award in 2008 and the Associated Press Athlete of the Year award in both 2008 and 2012.

Love Life & Family

In 2016, Michael Phelps wed Nicole Johnson. She is a stunning woman and a well-known American model who took home the Miss California crown in 2010. Boomer Robert Phelps and Beckett Richard Phelps are the couple’s two children.


One of the best and most successful Olympians in history is Michael Phelps. On his wall, he displays fantastic records that are exceedingly hard to top. 2016 saw the legend’s retirement. The fact that Michael Phelps has a net worth of over $60 million demonstrates his value as a professional swimmer.

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