Lionel Messi lifts World Cup trophy: Argentina captain in likely last FIFA tournament

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Lionel Messi lifts

The last World Cup that Lionel Messi played in was undoubtedly a tournament of fantasies.

Messi was the star of the show, leading his nation to the 2022 FIFA World Cup victory and taking home the Golden Ball as the greatest player in the competition.

Messi became the first player to score in every round of the World Cup’s knockout stage en way to winning the trophy, and he also passed Ronaldo as the tournament’s all-time appearance leader.

Messi said before the competition that this would be his final World Cup trip, however he modified that statement afterward. The triumph meant everything to him. Nevertheless, he broke down in floods of delight and jubilation as he lifted the trophy with his colleagues after the final buzzer.

Messi in tears after World Cup final victory over France

As soon as the game ended, Lionel Messi experienced a roller-coaster of emotions as Argentina prevailed in a penalty shootout with Gonzalo Montiel’s winning kick.

When the win was secured, the greatest player of all time broke down in tears and hugged each of his teammates.

Argentina’s members were moved to tears in greater numbers than just Messi. In actuality, far from it. Lionel Scaloni, the head coach, was a complete disaster, and Angel Di Maria was frequently seen sobbing on the bench.

Argentina captain Messi raises World Cup trophy

Players and coaches from Argentina had to wait until the French team received their medals for placing second before the trophy could be awarded to the victor.

The trophy is given to the captain in accordance with FIFA World Cup custom before being brought from the pedestal to the team for a team celebration. In a ceremonial Qatari robe, Messi made the solemn procession before hoisting the trophy in the air amidst applause and fireworks.

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