Iranian oil employees strike

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As ongoing anti-government protests seep into significant facets of the nation’s economy, workers at an Iranian oil company went on strike on Monday.

Numerous workers at a plant in the Iranian province of Bushehr blocked roads as part of an anti-government protest, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Several social media posts claim that the protesting employees yelled, “Do not be afraid. “Death to the dictator,” and “We stand together.”

The incident on Monday, according to Iranian media outlet Tasnim, was a result of a pay dispute between the plant and its 700 workers. How the strike has affected complex production since it started is unknown.

According to the Journal, no comments on the demonstration have been made by Iranian government officials.

The nation’s anti-government demonstrations have now reached the crucial oil industry for the first time, but shops and other small businesses have shut down in support of the ongoing demonstrations.

Iranian citizens’ protests over Mahsa Amini’s death, which grew into demands for an end to state violence and discrimination against women as well as calls for regime change, have heightened tensions between the people and the government.

As of October 6, according to the non-profit group Iran Human Rights, 185 people had died during protests, including at least 19 children, with the province of Sistan and Baluchistan in southeast Iran reporting the highest number of fatalities.

Iranian national Amini, 22, passed away in police custody last month after being detained for wearing her hijab incorrectly, in violation of Iran’s stringent laws regarding acceptable female attire.

After three days in the care of Iran’s morality police, Amini reportedly collapsed and passed away, according to a report from the United Nations Human Rights Office. Amini was “severely beaten” while she was being held captive, according to the U.N.

Iranian officials have refuted claims that Amini was the victim of torture and other cruel treatment, claiming that the man suffered a heart attack while being held by the police.

Along with others, U.S. officials have denounced Iran for its treatment of women and the methods it employed to disperse protesters. During the protests, sanctions were also placed on the nation.

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