Fantasy Football Daily Notes: Deon Jackson leads Colts offense, Kamara to play, Montgomery practices

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Fantasy Football Daily Notes: Deon Jackson leads Colts offense, Kamara to play, Montgomery practices.

After being subdued by Los Angeles linebacker Bobby Wagner, a protester who ran onto the field during the 49ers’ Monday night home game against the Rams filed a police report. Lt. Cuong Phan of the Santa Clara Police Department confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the department is conducting an investigation into the incident, which meant he could provide few other details.

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When asked about the protester’s complaint, which was filed on Tuesday, Wagner responded with amusement. “I heard about it,” Wagner said at the Rams’ training complex. I’m more concerned about the security guard who was injured while attempting to pursue him. We have no idea. We have no idea what that (pink smoke) is. Wagner ran across the field and toward the Rams’ sideline, waving a device emitting pink smoke, shortly before halftime at Levi’s Stadium.

Takk McKinley, Wagner’s teammate, also assisted in subduing the protester who had eluded security during the run across the field, while another protester was apprehended before getting very far onto the field. In such situations, Wagner stated that players and coaches have a right to be concerned. “You never know,” Wagner explained. “Sometimes, people run on the field for no apparent reason. Again, I’m sure it will continue, but you never know what that person has in their pocket, hands, or whatever. Your actions have consequences.” Wagner’s actions were widely praised throughout the NFL, including by San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan immediately following the game.

“I believe we all understand Bobby’s intentions,” Rams coach Sean McVay said on Wednesday. “I don’t believe anyone would disagree.” Wagner was surprised when video of his assistance with the protester went viral, noting that most field invasions aren’t shown on television broadcasts to discourage such behavior. During the game’s ESPN broadcast, Peyton and Eli Manning even provided play-by-play commentary on Wagner’s hit.

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