Cristiano Ronaldo: Striker may be allowed to leave Manchester United if Erik ten Hag backs departure

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Cristiano Ronaldo Striker

After losing their first two games, Manchester United dropped to the basement of the Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo, the club’s leading scorer last season, isn’t for sale and has one year left on his contract, which United can choose to extend by another year.

Ronaldo is not up for sale, and United’s stance hasn’t altered. His contract has one year left, and United has the option of extending it by an additional year.

According to a Monday report from Sky Sports News, Ronaldo might yet end up playing for Atletico Madrid or Chelsea if United changes its mind and allows him to depart.

However, there are senior figures at both clubs who are not convinced they should sign Ronaldo.\

United have suffered their worst start to a Premier League season in 101 years under new manager Ten Hag.

United is at the bottom of the standings after losing to Brighton on opening weekend and then suffering a humiliating 4-0 loss away to Brentford on Saturday.

Ronaldo’s future at United is currently in grave doubt because the 37-year-old wants to leave Old Trafford this summer in order to sign with a Champions League team.

‘United’s stance on Ronaldo softening’

The manager has the final say, so if he decides it’s best for everyone to say, “Ronaldo, you’ve been a legend at Man Utd in the past, thank you for what you did last season, obviously you don’t want to be here,” then things might soften a little bit. If a deal can be made that works for everyone and Ten Hag decides that’s what he wants to do, he might be allowed to leave Man Utd.

The guy wants to depart and play in the Champions League, as far as he is concerned. He places the most value on that. There is also the possibility that he may like to quit Manchester United for personal reasons.

Neville: United could finish in bottom half if Ronaldo goes

If Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the team, according to Gary Neville on Monday Night Football, Manchester United might place in the bottom half of the Premier League this year.

“The issue they currently have is that if they lose him, the goal-scoring portion of the field will be completely depleted.

I truly believe they can finish in the bottom part of the table if they don’t add players or if they add mediocre players and he leaves “On Monday Night Football, Neville stated.

“I think that is a bottom-half-of-the-table team. That is a massive statement that may look stupid at the end of the season.

“They are demoralised and shot to pieces, it is really bad in there. They have gone back to default.”

Merson: Ronaldo would solve Chelsea striker problem

In his most recent Sky Sports blog, Paul Merson outlined the reasons why Chelsea needed Cristiano Ronaldo to complete the puzzle.

Chelsea dominated the game against Tottenham on Sunday and were fantastic, but Merson claimed that their lack of a center-forward and goalscorer lost them three points.

“Despite Tottenham’s dominance, Hugo Lloris only made one save. That should tell you everything.

“I find it incomprehensible that they chose not to pursue Cristiano Ronaldo. He only makes sure Chelsea has what she needs.

“When you play for Chelsea, it’s not like playing for Manchester United, who get the ball at the halfway mark. Chelsea is winning games and is at the top of the box.

“I fear to think how many goals Ronaldo could score if they were feeding him the ball in the box,” the author said of Chelsea’s outstanding wing-backs, who dominate football matches.

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