Brazil is opposed to redoing the Argentina World Cup qualifying game.

Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifier
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Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifier

The World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Argentina was left incomplete, according to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), which said this on Wednesday.

The CBF President, Ednaldo Rodrigues, “will attempt to suspend the match after receiving the request from coach Tite and coordinator Juninho Paulista,” according to a statement on the federation’s website.

When Brazilian health inspectors came onto the field during the first match in Sao Paulo in September of last year, they claimed the visitors had violated the Covid-19 quarantine.

The match must be rescheduled for September, according to a decision made in February by Fifa, the world football’s governing body.

The world’s governing body of football, Fifa, decided in February that the game must be postponed until September.

Since February, both countries have guaranteed their entry at the World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Fifa earlier decided to call off the game, according to the CBF statement.

According to the agreement made by Fifa and the AFA, the national team will not face the Argentines in September, the CBF reported. In This Article, you can know about Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifier.

We are going to request that Fifa call off the game given the coaching staff’s attitude, Rodrigues stated.

Our biggest aim is winning the sixth World Cup in Qatar.