Aidan Hutchinson’s quiet Lions debut is largely overreacted

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Aidan Hutchinson's quiet Lions debut is largely overreacted

The Detroit Lions needed to add blue-chip talent to a squad that severely needed it going into draft night, sitting at the number two pick.

It became apparent that the Lions were definitely interested in defensive reinforcements like Georgia’s Travon Walker or Aidan Hutchinson, who is from the area. Walker began competing with Hutchinson for the first overall pick as his draft stock continued to soar.

Given that the Lions submitted their draft card more quickly than a speeding bullet, Walker went on to be the first pick, giving them Hutchinson, who they likely wanted from the start.

Since Hutchinson and the Lions go together like peanut butter and jelly and are always ready to make quarterback sandwiches, it was a match made in heaven for both sides from the beginning.

Throughout training camp, Hutchinson lived up to expectations, and everyone was eager to see what he could do in Week 1.

Despite the fact that he just recorded one tackle on the stat sheet, Aidan Hutchinson’s quiet Lions debut some would argue that he was entirely useless.

Walker also contributed a few of forced turnovers, but those people fail to see Hutchinson’s overall contribution.

Hutchinson played 90% of the defensive snaps and was credited with three pressures, tied with John Cominsky for the team lead and second only to George Karlaftis among rookies with six pressures.

Hutchinson was unable to cross the goal line on those plays, but his presence was still felt because he seemed to be near the ball at all times.

The Eagles’ rushing offense was difficult for the defense to handle, which forced the players to respect Hurts’ running ability and elusiveness.

Aidan Hutchinson's quiet Lions debut is largely overreacted

Hutchinson appeared to have outpaced Hurts a few times early in the game and broken containment, but the agile quarterback was fast enough to avoid the youngster.

Hutchinson appeared to have been acting somewhat like a quarterback spy as the game went on, Aidan Hutchinson’s quiet Lions debut demonstrating the coaching staff’s confidence in the rookie in those kinds of alignments and scenarios.

Hutchinson had high expectations, but it’s important to keep in mind that this was his first NFL game, and he was up against one of the best offensive lines and mobile quarterbacks in the league.

He was going to have to go through a little bit of a learning curve, but his adjustments demonstrated that he knows what he needs to do to support the team.

He possesses the qualities that all coaches look for in a player, and in time, he ought to develop into the player that Coach Campbell and the other coaches anticipate he will become.

Listen, he’ll be better next week, Campbell assured. “They all needed it, but he needed it more. Most newcomers behave in this manner.

Your first game is a little bit different when you enter it. And while I still need to watch the tape, I have faith that he will improve from this week to next.

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